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Britt Schwartz & Co. is a digital marketing and business growth consultancy. With over 8 years of experience working with B2B companies looking to scale, maintain, and stabilize their revenue, I’m passionate about integrating within a business as their marketing champion.

In 2018, I opened Denver + Finn, a digital marketing collective and recently transitioned to Britt Schwartz & Co. Why?

Because my clients don’t want an agency, they want a person dedicated to their growth and marketing. I am that person.



247 S. Washington St. #4 Maryville, TN 37801

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Do you need someone as “Keeper of the Vision” of your business growth strategy? As your outsourced CMO/Director of Marketing , I operate as if I am a part of your team - because I am.

From executive-level decision making to ensuring quality through implementation, our success is my goal.

This Service Includes:

  • Executive-level strategy meetings

  • Long & short range marketing strategy

  • Oversight of brand integrity

  • Closed-Loop Reporting

This consultancy is a great fit for a company with marketing staff (or freelancers) who need a vision-setter and strong consultant to guide them forward.



The best strategies in the world mean nothing if you don’t ever create anything.

I’ve spent my entire career at the world’s best digital inbound agencies and have learned the best methodologies, project management styles, and implementation styles to turn a great idea into an effective campaign.

Implementation Support Can Include:

  • Marketing Strategy & Campaign

  • Brand Creation & Messaging

  • HubSpot Implementation

  • HubSpot & Salesforce Integration

  • Content Creation (written & visual)

  • Videography (strategy, shooting & editing)

We accept a limited number of retainer clients for this service because we integrate fully into a company and we will never compromise our value by over-extending our team.


There is no “secret sauce” to ranking well on Google, but there are well-developed strategies and perfectly-executed content strategies.

I’ve created hundreds of effective content marketing strategies, with a focus on pillar and topic clusters for B2B and B2C companies - with pretty remarkable results.

A Content Strategy Includes:

  • Online Marketing Competitor Analysis

  • Keyword & Topic Research & Prioritization

  • 12-month Content Calendar of Prioritized Pillar Campaigns

A content strategy can be purchased as a one-time project or delivered as part of an on-going relationship. These are bit fit for companies who want to know, “what to write about.”



Hands-down my favorite tactic to deploy while working with companies is to implement Closed-Loop Reporting.

The idea is simple: create a view of your revenue from first-touch to closed-won/loss, but the execution is rarely as simple as the idea.

With multiple platforms housing multiple points of valuable data, finding the right approach to quickly accessing, documenting and then analyzing the data is where CLR comes in.

Closed-Loop Reporting Includes:

  • Creation of dashboard

  • Development of data access points

  • Analyzation of report and actionable business actions and recommendations reported

This report can be billed as a single project, an ongoing strategy engagement and comes as part of all of our retainer relationships.



"Britt is such a joy to work with. She's not only a kick-butt strategist, she's an incredible people manager with an eye on organizational health and structure, which is rare. She's got vision and the ability to execute. She's basically Beyoncé for agencies."

- LIZ MURPHY, Director of web & Interactive content at IMPACT



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