Britt Schwartz is by far one of the most impressive people I have ever worked with. Her and I are very much alike when it comes to work. She is just on the other side of the coin. I’m the engineer and she is the mastermind.

She pulls through. Her positivity always shows. She is an excellent problem solver. She doesn’t just look at problems at face value but wants to find out what the real issue is. She is a strategist, she is a consultant, she is a CMO. She is all of the above and would be a great fit anywhere.

I watched her move from a consultant position to a strategist position at an agency. She worked lots of hours during those times to make sure she was delivering what was asked of her. She got thrown to the wolves and still was able to succeed and deliver better than promised.

Sometime later I got to see Britt at a much larger agency and her presence caused an “AH HA” moment in team member’s lives. She created positive energy with her passion. She led and she inspired just by being there and being the breath of fresh air she is. I’ve been involved with clients that she has managed and have been to her home where she lives with her husband and 5 kids. I don’t think there is a smarter, hard-working person out there, and my wife agrees!

I think she will do great anywhere given the opportunity. I give her three or four thumbs up outta two. ;)
— Nicholas Decker, DeckerDevs

Career Bullet Points

  • Marketing Strategist & Consultant

  • 8 years of B2B & B2C marketing strategy

  • Began career as a copywriter, moved to client services and marketing strategy

  • Managed industries including manufacturing, education, technology, pharma, professional services

  • Core competencies: Technical SEO, on-site SEO, ABM, inbound, content marketing, revenue growth

  • Client Results: