I Don’t Do It Alone

I have an amazing group of people who work alongside me to deliver your results, meet them:

Britt Schwartz & Co.

Britt Schwartz
Principal Strategist

I create spaces for my clients and their customers to meet. I've had the opportunity to help clients ranging from SMBs with a B2C focus to multimillion-dollar brands with aggressive B2B goals. The industries I've worked in include: technology (with a focus on SAAS), medical, pharmaceutical, education, law, manufacturing, construction, financial, consumer products, and printing.

Kristina Modert

Kristina Modert

With over 15 years of experience in manufacturing production and business management, she’s joined our team to make sure that we’re the healthiest organization we can be.

Janet Becker

Janet Becker
Sr. Technical Writer

Our senior technical writer, Janet offers unparalleled experience and exercise to our clients. Janet doesn’t just write technically, she is a developer and that level of knowledge is why we’re so thankful to have her on our team.